How do you get your sausages so juicy? Do you inject them with water or extra fat?

Our sausages get their remarkable juiciness and great flavor from natural ingredients like real apples, artichokes, chilies, artisan cheeses and fruit juices-not from added water or fat.

How long will an unopened package of Aidells sausages last in my refrigerator?

Aidells Sausages can be refrigerated for up to seven days after the "sell by" date on the package. Look for the "sell by" date on the black plastic film on the package. Once you open the package, cook and eat the sausage within three days. You can also freeze Aidells Sausages for up to four months.

I am interested in trying some of the products listed on your website, but I cannot find them at my local store and you don't sell them online. What gives?

A handful of our flavors are not available through our mail order service or your local grocery store for a few of reasons.

Some flavors did not do as well in grocery stores as they do in restaurants. So, we produce them and package them in smaller batches for Food Service distribution, but do not pack them for retail distribution or mail order. Some of our sausages are raw or contain no nitrites. This makes them highly perishable. In order to ensure your safety, we do not ship these sausages and do not package them for retail sale. They are offered to restaurants, who typically freeze our sausages until they are ready to cook them.

Finally, the ultimate decision to carry an Aidells sausage or meatball flavor is up to the store buyer or meat manager at the store. He/she makes purchase decisions based on sales and customer demands. So, of you are interested in trying a flavor from our retail line that you do not see in your local store, ask for it. Some meat managers have been known to special order a case of Aidells sausage for their customers.

I can't locate my favorite Aidells sausage or meatball flavor at my grocery store. What should I do?

If you don't see your favorite flavor at your local grocery store, talk to the meat manager and ask him to order it. If he or she carries Aidells, he can easily add an additional sausage or meatball to his order. Remember: customers and their demands exert the strongest influence over what a store carries.

I have several food allergies. Do any of your products contain gluten, soy or dairy products? Also, can you tell me what is in your spice blends?

Gluten, Soy and dairy are ingredients which we use in some of our sausages, meatballs and other items. Aidells products with gluten are Teriyaki Meatballs and Sweet and Sour Meatballs. Soy (soy sauce) is an ingredient in Teriyaki Meatballs, As for dairy products, our Pesto Sausage contains Romano cheese, and artisan cheeses are ingredients in Sun-Dried Tomato & Mozzarella Sausage, Spinach & Feta Sausage, Italian Style & Parmesan Cheese Meatballs. Our spice blends are our trade secrets. However, if you are allergic to any particular spice, please contact us. We will happily tell you if it is in any of our products.

What cuts of chicken do you use in your sausages?

We use chicken thigh meat in most of our sausages because it is moister and more flavorful than breast meat. Some of our poultry sausages include a blend of chicken and turkey thigh meat.

What kind of casings do you use?

Aidells sausages are all natural. We use pork casings for our dinner links and sheep casings for our breakfast links. There are no casings on Aidells Mini Sausages or Meatballs.

What kinds of fillers are in Aidells? Do you use any sort of nitrites?

No fillers whatsoever for us! There's just no room. Our plump, juicy sausages are filled to the brim with natural ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, apple and mango chunks and fresh, flavorful herbs. Currently our Aidells Cocktail Mini's and breakfast/dinner links with bacon will contain sodium nitrite.

What's the best way to cook your sausages or meatballs?

Most of Aidells Sausages are pre-cooked. Gently pan-frying, grilling or broiling them for eight to ten minutes will heat them through. On the other hand, our fresh sausages need to be cooked thoroughly. Pan-fry, grill or broil fresh sausage for 15-20 minutes, turning frequently until cooked through and firm to the touch. Check the package to see if you have selected a fresh sausage. Aidells Meatballs are fully-cooked, and only need to be heated by gently pan-frying, grilling or broiling them for about 8 minutes or in the microwave on high for about 2 minutes.

Where can I find Aidells Sausages & Meatballs?

Look for Aidells Sausages & Meatballs at fine grocery and gourmet stores. You can also find them at Costco and Sam's Club locations across the United States. To find a store carrying Aidells products near you, check out our Product Locator.

Does Aidells use sodium nitrite in its' sausage?

Most of our products are All Natural and therefore do not contain sodium nitrite. Items that do contain sodium nitrite will have this labeled as such on the ingredient statement. Currently our Aidells Cocktail Mini's and breakfast/dinner links with bacon will contain sodium nitrite.